Eleventh Episcopal District


11th Episcopal District Summary

Eleventh Episcopal District 
Name of Episcopal Leaders:  Bishop Adam J. Richardson, Jr. and Connie S. Richardson
YPD Director:  Sanjena V. Clay
YPD President:  Jamarien P. Moore

The Eleventh Episcopal District is comprised of the state of Florida and the Bahamas Islands.  There are over 400 churches within the district.  The YPD has two major mission focuses 1.  Providing services to the less fortunate.  Each year the YPD provides mission work to persons who reside in Florida, the Bahamas and Port Au Prince, Haiti.  Among the many projects are providing hurricane disaster relief to person affected by the 2016 and 2017 hurricanes in Florida and the Bahamas and the provision of clean water wells to members of the Haitian communities.  The 11th District YPD also sponsors a Black Heritage Weekend annually, which is a weekend of activities designed to promote high self-esteem, academic achievement and spiritual growth, while focusing on our African-American and Bahamian heritage.

11thdistrictame.org and Blackheritageweekend.org

Sanjena V. Clay

Eleventh Episcopal District YPD Director

Jamarien P. Moore

Eleventh Epsicopal District YPD President