Seventeenth Episcopal District


17th Episcopal District Summary

The 17th Episcopal District has a large number if YPDers and it consists of 12 conferences. However, this has made it difficult for the Episcopal leadership to meet all of our 12 conferences.

Moreover, we the 17th Episcopal YPDers are extremely proud of our Bishop the Rt. Rev. Wilfred Jacobas Messiah who always meets the youths in all 12 conferences during the Annual Conferences. The 5 conferences that are in Zambia; South-East Zambia Conference, South-West Zambia Conference, North-East Zambia Conference, North-West Zambia Conference and Zambezi Conference are  easily visited and supervised, as well as attend Episcopal YPD programs including the Episcopal YPD LTI.

The 2017 LTI (retreat) was held in Samfya, Zambia and it was hosted by the North-West Zambia Conference. The LTI attendance was amazing, with over 300 youths.

We had a number of activities¬† and lectures on interesting topics such as ‘Early Marriages’ and ‘Importance of Girl Education.’ We had an Open Forum which was to help the next graduating YPDers learn about the other organizations of the church such as RAYAC, Sons of Allen, YAM and the Lay Organization that they can belong to after graduating from YPD.

Annette Saini Kauzeni

Seventeenth Episcopal District YPD Director

Ngalaba Newtons Chileshe

Seventeenth Epsicopal District YPD President