First Episcopal District


“Building Strong Young People”

Bishop Gregory G.M Ingram, Presiding Prelate

Rev. Jessica Kendall Ingram, Supervisor

Patricia Nira Smith, District WMS President

Susan Butler, District YPD Director

Sean Michael Lewis, District YPD President

Mikayla Angel, 1st Vice President

Ayannah Reeder, 2nd Vice President

Kierra Owens, 3rd Vice President

Kayla Smith-Murray, Recording Secretary

Whitney Jones, Communications Secretary

Ashyah Jackson, Worship Director

The First Episcopal District YPD is made up of Seven Conferences

  • Bermuda Conference- AME churches on the Isle of Bermuda
  • Micah Anderson, President & Mrs. Maxceta Paytner, Director

  • Delaware Conference- AME Churches in the State of Delaware and 4 AME churches in Pennsylvania
  • Jazlyn McBride, President & Mrs. Sebrena Taylor, YPD Director

  • New England Conference-AME Churches in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island
  • Kaitlyn Oliver, President & Mrs. Crystal Glasscock-Stephens, Director​
  • New Jersey Conference-AME Churches in the State of New Jersey
  • Marcus Beckett, President & Mrs. Laverne Meritt, YPD Director

  • New York Conference-AME Churches in New York City Boroughs and Long Island
  • David Greenidge, President & Mrs. Linda Sneed-Adelaja, YPD Director

  • Western New York Conference-AME Churches in Buffalo, Albany and Rochester, NY
  • Robert Dubose, President & Mrs. Paula Young, YPD Director

  • Philadelphia Conference-AME Churches in Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Vicinity
  • Joy Morton, President & Ms. Iyana Mapp, Director

District Vision Statement- “Building Strong Young People” based off of Frederick Douglass quote “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

Susan Butler

First Episcopal District YPD Director



Sean Lewis

First Episcopal District YPD President