Third Episcopal District


3rd Episcopal District Summary

Episcopal Distirct Leadership

Bishop Frank Madison Reid, III Presiding Prelate
Mrs. Marlaa Hall Reid Episcopal Supervisor
Mr. Robert Killins, III Connectional International Awareness Chair
JoAnn Harris Episcopal WMS President
Quereda Covington Episcopal Director
Andrew Coleman III Episcopal President
Tyra Teague Episcopal 1st Vice President
Ta'Shon Davis Episcopal 2nd Vice President
Jalecia Claytor Episcopal Recording Secretary
Chloe Hill Episcopal Financial Secretary
Stephen Connor Episcopal Historiographer/Statistician
Lyndsey Carter Episcopal Parliamentarian

Conference Leadership
Pittsburgh-West Virginia Conference
Jaylen Hocker - President
Patricia Ann Jackson- YPD Director

Ohio-South Ohio Conference
Bria Taylor - President
Ms. Amber Tillman - YPD Director

North Ohio Conference
Rudolph Collins IV - President
Ms. Tawnya Smith - YPD Director


The Third District currently consists of three Conferences in three different states. The state of West Virginia, the state of Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. We have a rich history with the 1st HBCU (Wilberforce University) and Payne Theological Seminary in our Mother
Conference (Ohio). We have had three Connectional YPD Directors from our district Mrs. Alma A. Polk, from Pittsburgh, PA, Mrs. Wilhelmina Lawrence from Cleveland, Ohio and Mrs. Adrienne A. Morris from Wyoming, Ohio (Alantic City, NJ).

The Third District is proud of their mission projects which consist of:
College Ministry (Campus Ministry)
We keep in contact with our Young People who attend various colleges and universities, they are
very important to us. We send cards on holidays and birthdays, we email, and keep in touch throughout their college experience. As AME’s we keep them informed regarding the Connectional Church. We also send items to our beloved Wilberforce University students.

Gardening Ministry(Going Green)
Many churches have allowed their YPDer’s to plant and grow gardens to help the underprevelidged and sell the items for fundraisers. This teaches our Young People finances and helps them to cultivate their education in agriculture.

“Reading is Fun”(Literacy & Reading)
Twice a year we have a Reading Program. A Read-A-Thon in the winter, noting the Reading Level of our Young People. This information is forwarded to their classroom teachers. In the summer we have a program for the Young People to listen to an African-American author who will read their book to them. The Young People also listened to Black Story Tellers. They interact with each other. They have participated in Spelling Bees, Word Search Contests, received free Books and much much more.

Vitaman C (Global Missions)
Once a year we collect Vitamin C to send to Haiti.

Historically, the Chautauqua was birthed in the Third Episcopal District and is used all over the Connectional YPD.

Quereda Covington

Third Episcopal District YPD Director

Andrew Coleman III

Third Epsicopal District YPD President