Sixth Episcopal District


6th Episcopal District Summary

Episcopal District:                   Sixth Episcopal District

Name of Episcopal Leaders:   Bishop Reginald T. Jackson Mrs. Christy Davis Jackson, Esq.

YPD Director:                           Mrs. Pamela Y. Veal

YPD President:                        Mr. Gabriel Cloud

The Empire state of the State of the South.  Georgia ranges as north as the cold, crisp majesty mountains of the North to the hot, humid family farms of South Georgia. The crib of the civil rights movement, along with being an educational hub. Housing the most Historical Black Colleges and University in one area.     The state of become the southern Hollywood, filming more 1,000 movies and tv shows.  To echo the words of Ray Charles; Other arms reach out to me. Other eyes smile tenderly, Still in the peaceful dreams I see, The road leads back to you.  Georgia will always be on your minds. 

Pamela Y. Veal

Sixth Episcopal District YPD Director

Gabriel Cloud

Sixth Epsicopal District YPD President